How to Fundraise

The deadline for fundraising prizes is right around the corner. How much will you raise to help the animals?

  • Set a Goal – your goal should be challenging, but attainable.
  • Contact Everyone You Know – create a list of people you can potentially contact, and don’t leave any stone unturned because you may be surprised who will be willing to give!
  • Make It Personal – ask your friends and family members individually if they will support your fundraising goals, and let them know EVERY donation makes a difference, even the small ones.
  • Ask and Ask Again – send an email announcing your participation and asking for donations, an update email, and finally a “last chance” email.  People can only donate if you give them the opportunity…some people just need to be reminded more than once.
  • Customize Your Fundraising Webpage – include a personal story why you specifically are getting involved. Include adorable photos of your own pets to seal the deal!
  • Share a few LHS statistics in your pitch.  Like these: Each year, the Lexington Humane Society:
    •    Finds homes for over 5,000 animals
    •    Provides 3,700 free and low-cost spay/neuter surgeries
    •    Educates 2,000 individuals through camps, school outreach and shelter tours
    •    Finds life-saving foster homes for 600 animals
    •    Saves an amazing 98% of animals in care
  • Be Active on Social Media – use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to update your friends, share your story, and provide a link to your fundraising webpage.
  • Join a Team – friendly competition can help you reach above and beyond your fundraising goals.
  • Send Thank You’s – after you’re done fundraising, send your results to everyone who helped you AND thank them for supporting LHS and the animals!

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